Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Craft Room

Since I got my craft space all cleaned up and organized, I thought it would be a good time to take some pictures. It may never look this good again!

I use one half of our finished attic room that is open to the living room below. This limits the amount of wall space I have, but my husband has made built- in cabinets and desktops. There is also a closet that I use to store my stamps and labeled boxes of craft supplies. In addition there is a dresser on the other side of the room where I keep my fabric.

Starting on one end of the room is my vintage Singer that I got a couple of years ago. The drawers were full of old sewing supplies. It was like opening a treasure box of goodies! On the floor is an old carrier that I have been keeping my "Inspiration Station" - supplies for a season or holiday.
Next is my sewing machine and supplies.

Along the back wall are shelves where I store some of my magazines and display my two antique toy sewing machines, along with some stuff I've made. Under the counter, I have lots more storage.

On the other end of the counter I have my TV, printer, and computer.

On the wall opposite the window is a built in bookshelf. I use it to store buttons in canning jars. Underneath is a couple of old wooden file drawers. I put cards made, envelopes, and cd cases of clear stamps in here.

On the wall opposite the cabinet is my desk and a bookshelf. I bought baskets and labeled them for small scrapbook supplies.

We bought the desk at the university's salvage store. It's huge and gives me plenty of space for getting messy. There are file drawers for storing my papers, and regular drawers for my tools, inks, and dies. 

  After getting everything put away after all the cleaning and organizing, I decided to clean up my mess of ribbons. I have them wound on plastic embroidery floss things. Don't they look so pretty?

 Well, that's it. I hope you enjoyed the tour!


Sandy said...

VERY lovely! And VERY organized! A place for evrything and everything in it's place. I love your old fashioned sewing machine, aren't they wonderful...that's how I learned to sew on my Grandmas and..I still have it. Cherished! Do I see tags on the work table? Tags are taking over my life. lol Thanks so much for sharing...it's a wonderful space. xoso Sandy O

Kerin said...

Holy Moly! I just read your comment on Sunny simple life...and had to laugh! We are long lost sisters!! I too LOVE frozen coke, and could have also bought my own machine :)
In fact my husband bought a cuisinart ice cream maker (the kind that you leave the mixing containers in the freezer), and now, I can make my own frozen cokes :)
Have a happy Wednesday !

Sandy said...

Howdy... Boxes came like that from the craft stores. Tags...Hummmmm I don't know what to do with them either...so I stick them in one of the boxes... lol I just love to make them. I love what you did with your ribbons...that makes it so organized and cute to look at. xoso Sandy O

Sunny simple life said...

Lucky duck to have that space. I have kids in all the spaces in my house so I just have a desk in my room and some shelves. Oh well I guess the kids are more important.

Anonymous said...

I popped over from Elizabeths to see if I could spy your tiny pincushions you mentioned - and I found them! So cute! I do want to know how to make some of those - they are so cute! I love how neat and tidy you are!!!