Monday, January 21, 2013

Sick Weekend

This will be my world today. Comfy jammies, hot tea, cough drops, tissues, and a book or some embroidery.  I had the weekend off and asked for today off since Rick would be home. So many plans for these three days. I was going to sweep the basement in anticipation for turning on the plant lights. Working on a granny square quilt, and making some soap. Oh well, those things will get done eventually.
Rick is painting cabinets, baking herb bread, and running some errands for me. (He can't sweep the basement. He's very allergic to the dust and mold down there.) He doesn't mind taking care of me, I do it for him when he's sick.

Before this cold hit me, I was trying to make a crocheted heart from an online tutorial. Actually tried several pretty patterns, but just could not follow them. I got so frustrated, it couldn't be this hard! So I just made my own pattern, which was a first for me.

I was very happy with how they turned out. Rick suggested starching them. So here is my little heart banner ready for Valentine's Day.
Stay well and warm!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Color Change and a Birthday

I love how this spice cabinet turned out after changing the color from rustic gold to this "farmhouse" green. I  used craft paint and had to mix a couple colors to get the one I wanted. It looks just like the green on vintage cooking utensils, which I now plan to collect! And it looks great with the old cookbooks. So happy when things work out like that! (Rick did the distressing. Great job.)

On Sunday we celebrated the 22nd birthday of our youngest son, Eric. He is such a wonderful young man, so smart, caring, and funny. And he is the one Tad raises his arms to pick him up and read a story. We can't compete when Eric is around.

And look at Tad. His parents cut his curls off! He looks like a big boy now, but I'll miss his long red curls. (By the way, we love Eric's long hair. We're just old hippies :)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Small Dresden Quilt

I finished this quilt before the Christmas rush and then forgot to show it. I'm so happy with the way it turned out. The colors are so bright and happy. As usual I did a crazy amount of hand quilting :)

I'm thinking of opening up my etsy shop again and featuring quilts and small sewn items. This might be my first offering, though I'm not sure about pricing. Need to do some research and see what other hand quilted items go for. Any advice would be appreciated!

We are planning on working on the kitchen cabinets this weekend, sanding and repainting. Yesterday I cleaned out the hall closet (which is a big, walk-in) and also weeded out old papers and files. Aren't we productive? It's just the New Year thing and will fizzle out, I'm sure! But we will run with it and get as much done as we can before that happens:) Oh, also yesterday, I went to the garden center and bought some seeds to start. Just perennial flowers for now. I'll start annuals in February and March. Really can't wait!

I hope you all have great and productive weekend too!