Sunday, February 2, 2014

Homemade Flowers


Even though I've been absent from my blog, I have been busy crafting. (No surprise, right?)  I'm still working on the star quilt and have finished another scarf. I've been doing some paper crafting and getting caught up on scrapping our photos. Also lots of organizing and reading. It helps pass the time during this very long, cold winter.

I've also gotten kind of addicted to watching YouTube crafting and organizing videos. I even found one hilarious video about how YouTube makes this woman want to buy everything she sees. It's so true! I have put in a few orders for paper, stencils and other goodies. But I am trying to be good and watch videos on how to make your own embellishments, such as the flowers above. They were so easy to make and I love how they turned out. I used dies from Papertrey Ink, cardstock and Glossy Accents for adhesive. I just cut out several blooms of each size, spritzed them with water and crumpled them up. I then dried them with the heat gun and gently unfolded them a little bit, layering them up with glue in the middle. Easy, peasy! I used two different colors for each blossom, but I'm going to try doing some inking and misting for different looks. If you like to do card making or scrapbooking, give these a try.

These were made with a different die set.

Look who I saw outside the kitchen window the other day. I always get excited about the first robin of the spring, but I've never seen one this early. We have some robins that over-winter on the Purdue campus, so maybe this is one of those that got lost. So, do I count it as an extra early robin and believe that spring is right around the corner? (Despite what Phil said:) I think I will!