Monday, June 25, 2012

Shopping for Antiques in our Barn

Last weekend Rick and I went to a nearby town for a garden tour. After purchasing tickets we were able to walk through eight different gardens, some in town, some in the country. Each garden was unique and we got so many good ideas. No surprise that fairy gardens are huge trend. We saw some amazing miniature gardens!

Fairy garden in a wheelbarrow.

Look at this cute house and a pool!

The owner made the clothesline and hung little sheets.

Another cute house, this one from a gourd.
Another thing we loved about the gardens we toured was all the antiques and fun accessories scattered around. We have a few things in our gardens, but we decided they needed more. So I had my pack rat husband go through the barn in search of items we could use. Now, I don't go into the barn very often. I love it, but don't like to be inside it. I know, weird!

Anyway, it's filled with "stuff ". And here are a few of the things Rick found that we could use. 

I love galvinized metal. He found this big tub.

This box could hold a fairy garden.

Cool rusty farm implement.

Nice a assortment of insulators.
 It will be fun finding places for these things.

We finally put up our birdhouse gourds. Need to plant more.
 What do you like as garden ornaments? I'd love to see! 

Have a great week. We have a very busy one coming up, then getting ready for the 4th!

Friday, June 15, 2012

June Garden

June has got to be my most favorite month of the year. All of our hard work in the gardens pays off as the flowers put on their display and the vegetables beds show promise of fresh food to come.

 This year has been a bit of a challenge because of the lack of rain. The weatherman is saying this is the driest spring since 1988. Well, we know all about that! Our old shallow well dried up that year and we had to have a new one drilled. We now have enough water to keep things going, but I still feel a little leery of overdoing it. 

View of the long border.

Queen Elizabeth rose.

Closeup of the south border.

Zepherine Drouhin (spelling?)
I  love all these different varieties of sage.

Garden ornament bought at Stream Cliff Herb Farm.

Belinda's Dream rose, fennel

The vegetable garden pictures were actually taken about 2 weeks ago and are much further along. We will be harvesting beans, squash, and peppers soon.
Love the fresh salads every day.

The central bed is just for pretty:)

My husband loves pickled peppers.

These squash plants are about double this size now.
And the tomatoes have color on them. Ripe by the 4th? I hope!
 The garden brings me so much pleasure and I especially like to share it with people. I hope you enjoyed seeing it!

Monday, June 4, 2012

A B C D.. Embroidered Quilt

The gardens have been keeping me pretty busy these days, but I have finally finished a project I've been working on for quite awhile. You might remember the embroidered patches I showed a few posts back. I got a couple of good ideas as to what to do with them from my readers. But I decided to put them all together in a little wall quilt. I'm really happy with how it turned out.

My husband doesn't like that I left off the X. But I wanted to have each row even, so I did it:)

Sorry the pictures are so bad. I just couldn't seem to take a good one of this. It might help to actually hang it up, but I need to put a sleeve on the back. Then I'll try again.

I'll be back soon with pictures of the gardens. So many things are blooming and the vegetable garden is looking very lush. Have a great week!