Monday, June 29, 2015

No So Lazy Summer

Well, this has not been a lazy summer, at least not yet. I keep coming up with projects for the house and yard. And I can't just do them myself. I say, "I've got an idea." And my husband says, "What now." But really, he is usually happy to indulge me and comes up with pretty good ideas of his own. I will be sharing the two big projects soon.

This has been my evening work for many weeks now. The plates are made from scraps and I love how it turned out. Though it will be quite awhile before I'm done quilting it.

Up until a few days ago, doing any kind of needlework was difficult with our foster kitty, Bolt, around. He would jump, bat, bite, etc. any time I moved my hand. Thankfully he is settling down a little. And we have gotten very creative finding things around the house for him to play with besides my thread and yarn. His favorite is a thread spool. I wonder why?

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Busy Spring = Lazy Summer

HI! Sorry I've been absent, but May was a very busy month for us and I'm just now catching my breath. We had two anniversaries (ours - 34 years! and our son and daughter-in law -8 years), our son Andrew's 31st birthday, and  Mother's Day. We also hosted a moving-away dinner for an old friend of ours.

Of course, the gardens took a lot of time to get cleaned up and planted. I can't even count the number of times I went to various garden centers. I also started quite a few plants and had them in the greenhouse getting big and healthy. Everything is in the ground now and I will spend the rest of the summer maintaining, weeding, and harvesting fruits and veggies.

We had a really good time when our oldest son, Justin, visited for 10 days. We had several family dinners, went out to eat, and spent a day at a state park.

Tad loves being with his Uncle Justin!

Then, after Justin left, school wrapped up. I was so ready, but it was very emotional because I won't be going back to that school. The little girl I was with for 2 years is going to another school next year and I have no idea if I will be with her again. I will really miss her! She was such an affectionate thing and we got close. She was starting to talk, and read, and become much more independent. (Gotta stop, I'm tearing up:(

But I have my sweet grandsons. Jasper, the dark one, is starting to crawl, and Klaus is close behind. Tad's 4th birthday is this month. I'm getting together with my niece to go shopping at a scrapbook store in Illinois. And there is the quilting, knitting and misc. crafting. More than enough to keep me occupied!

Oh, I almost forgot. We also have this little guy to take care -

Justin went to a dinner party hosted by friends from high school and they had several kittens needing homes. He called and asked if we would take care of one until he moved in August. Of course I said yes. We love cats! But we haven't had a kitten in many years and he's so rambunctious! And I've got the scratches to prove it:) But Von Humboldt is growing on us. Yes, that's his name!