Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Busy Spring = Lazy Summer

HI! Sorry I've been absent, but May was a very busy month for us and I'm just now catching my breath. We had two anniversaries (ours - 34 years! and our son and daughter-in law -8 years), our son Andrew's 31st birthday, and  Mother's Day. We also hosted a moving-away dinner for an old friend of ours.

Of course, the gardens took a lot of time to get cleaned up and planted. I can't even count the number of times I went to various garden centers. I also started quite a few plants and had them in the greenhouse getting big and healthy. Everything is in the ground now and I will spend the rest of the summer maintaining, weeding, and harvesting fruits and veggies.

We had a really good time when our oldest son, Justin, visited for 10 days. We had several family dinners, went out to eat, and spent a day at a state park.

Tad loves being with his Uncle Justin!

Then, after Justin left, school wrapped up. I was so ready, but it was very emotional because I won't be going back to that school. The little girl I was with for 2 years is going to another school next year and I have no idea if I will be with her again. I will really miss her! She was such an affectionate thing and we got close. She was starting to talk, and read, and become much more independent. (Gotta stop, I'm tearing up:(

But I have my sweet grandsons. Jasper, the dark one, is starting to crawl, and Klaus is close behind. Tad's 4th birthday is this month. I'm getting together with my niece to go shopping at a scrapbook store in Illinois. And there is the quilting, knitting and misc. crafting. More than enough to keep me occupied!

Oh, I almost forgot. We also have this little guy to take care -

Justin went to a dinner party hosted by friends from high school and they had several kittens needing homes. He called and asked if we would take care of one until he moved in August. Of course I said yes. We love cats! But we haven't had a kitten in many years and he's so rambunctious! And I've got the scratches to prove it:) But Von Humboldt is growing on us. Yes, that's his name!


Elaine Lewis said...

Boy your grandson is a big boy now. How nice to have such good family times. We are heading to OR next month for a family reunion of my four siblings. Can't wait. Love your garden beds. Always have.

Beatrice Euphemie said...

So nice to see your beautiful family, Cindy, and how do you keep from constantly wanting to smooch those little one's chubby cheeks? Sad about leaving your little student behind. You were there at the perfect time in her life....and will always be remembered. Your gardens are beautiful and so neat and tidy! I can tell you have been busy! The little kitten is just too cute! They are so naughty, though! I hate when they climb your leg like a tree. Lol! xo Karen

vivian said...

beauiful pictures Cindy! Your grandbabies are so stinking adorable! I know they make you happy. Your gardens are awesome. I wish I had it in me to do that. I just dont enjoy it like you do. maybe I would if I knew what I was doing! lol!
have a lovely lovely day..
love ya girlfriend!

cathy, 1929 Charmer Cottage said...

Glad to see you back and what a busy month you had. Looks like you had a wonderful day, i love being at state park. Beautiful pictures. We live near Palos Forest Preserve in IL and I love going there.

Helen Philipps said...

Happy Anniversary to you both, Cindy! I'm glad you have been having such lovely family times. I can imagine how hard it must be leaving the little girl you worked with at school.....tiny ones like that can become so close to your heart x
Love the pictures of your garden, it is really flourishing. Wishing you a happy week ahead.
Helen xox