Monday, June 29, 2015

No So Lazy Summer

Well, this has not been a lazy summer, at least not yet. I keep coming up with projects for the house and yard. And I can't just do them myself. I say, "I've got an idea." And my husband says, "What now." But really, he is usually happy to indulge me and comes up with pretty good ideas of his own. I will be sharing the two big projects soon.

This has been my evening work for many weeks now. The plates are made from scraps and I love how it turned out. Though it will be quite awhile before I'm done quilting it.

Up until a few days ago, doing any kind of needlework was difficult with our foster kitty, Bolt, around. He would jump, bat, bite, etc. any time I moved my hand. Thankfully he is settling down a little. And we have gotten very creative finding things around the house for him to play with besides my thread and yarn. His favorite is a thread spool. I wonder why?


Julie @ The Crafty Quilter said...

Your dresden plate quilt is looking so pretty! I love that you're hand quilting it. And your kitty will probably always love to help you!

vivian said...

wow! that is beautiful! and you are quilting that by hand? that a lot of work. YOu rock! yes.. kitties and sewing dont always mix well.. figgy and frannie love to help me sew! lol! looking forward to seeing what those two projects are.
have a great 4th of july weekend!

Helen Philipps said...

What a gorgeous quilt, I love it, Cindy! Your foster kitty sounds fun, even though it is hard to sew with him around! My little dog still likes to run off with spools whenever she can and chew the ends!
Helen xox