Monday, July 6, 2015

The Garden This Week

I usually say that June is the best month for our gardens. But this year it looks like July will be. We had a very wet and mostly cool June and some flowers held off blooming. But, oh my, the yard is bright with monarda, lilies, roses, coneflower and many others. Here are a few examples:

A different view of the garden border looking toward the house.

The west side of the shed, in shade, but full of color.
I have no idea what this lily's name is, but the yellow flower in there is basket flower, a perennial variety of centaurea (bachelor button.)

Tiger Lily

Sitting area near the pond.

Part of the herb garden. Gotta love larkspur and calendula for easy color!

The newest bed in the side yard. I think I will move those monarda -  too tall for this spot.

Even though we have many garden beds, and can be a lot of work in the spring, right now it's not too bad. I try to get to the weeds early in the season, so that by midsummer I just have to go through each bed every other week or so. And I usually like to do the weeding. It can be relaxing. Though I have to say that the mosquitoes are driving us crazy right now, so doing anything in the yard takes preparation (bug spray, long sleeves, etc.) Yuck! Not so relaxing:)

I hope everyone had a great 4th! We had a wonderful party with friends and family. Lots of swimming, eating, and laughing. But I just wasn't taking pictures. Too busy having a good time, I guess!


vivian said...

Cindy, you have such Beautiful gardens! I so wish I liked to garden. it kills me to do the little bit that I do! LOL! Mosquitos are awful here too. I went out to water the hanging baskets last night and was almost carried away! LOL!
Have a great week

Nellie said...

Good Tuesday morning, Cindy! It is such a pleasure to read your post! The gardens are beautiful! I've not been following along with Blogger as I did for awhile, so I've missed a few posts, probably. xo Nellie

Cathy @ My 1929 Charmer said...

Your garden is lovely and we both are getting hit hard with rain! My larkspur has not popped yet, but your probably a zone warmer than were I am. I love to garden like you and the weeds seem to love the rain. It seems they pop up really quickly!

Kathleen Grace said...

Your garden is fabulous! I love monarda, and the hummingbirds that it seems to draw. Our garden is finally taking off after a cold, wet spring and I enjoy being out there so much. This is the season I love best :)

Helen Philipps said...

Your gardens are beautiful, worth all the hard work! So many lovely flowers and your weeding regime seems to have worked very well. Happy weekend.
Helen xox