Friday, March 29, 2013

A New Look

I may have mentioned a few times that I have been changing up my decorating style. Going from a dark country look to lighter colors. Quite a change, wouldn't you say? My husband, bless him, doesn't complain, but I don't think he is completely on board with this new look. He did say that since he married an interior designer, he expected this would happen:)

I had already redone the upstairs a few years ago. It has my craft room and a guest bedroom and the lighter colors worked well up there. I have also been working on the kitchen. This spring I started in on the bathroom and our bedroom. I wanted to do it on a very small budget and it was actually kind of fun doing that.

Today I'll show the bathroom makeover. I made the shower curtain from a sheet and added a valence of a pretty print that I used for the color scheme. The room color was still OK, a very soft yellow, so no painting. Yeah! Then all I needed to do was repaint the little cabinet over the toilet, buy new towels and rug, and add accessories, which I "shopped" for around the house.

Our bathroom is really small. Hard to get a good picture:)
It looks better in real life, really!

This was dark red. Needed 4 coats to cover that!
I bought this set at Tuesday Morning.
Close up of embroidery on vintage towel.
I wish I had taken some before pictures. Anyway, I love how it looks. I will still add a few more things. I want to get a few plants and a framed picture. Fun stuff:)

Our bedroom is almost finished. I'll be showing that soon.
Have a very happy Easter!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter Swap Goodies

OMG, I couldn't believe all the cool stuff I received from the swap hosted by SandyGayle sent me so many wonderful crafty goodies. Lots of craft supplies, candy, and even vintage kitchen gadgets. And she made not one, but two spoolies! So cute. Thank you so much , Gayle!

So, we all knew we were getting snow last night, right? I remember getting snow in April, so it's not unheard of, but it's just that I'm so ready for spring!

It is kind of pretty, isn't it?

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Our Weekend...And a Winner

 I heard it was in the 70's in St. Louis, but 6 hours away here in West Lafayette, it was cold, windy, and gloomy. We spent most of the Saturday inside drinking hot tea, playing Scrabble, and watching movies. I finished my hexagon afgan. ( Did I tell you how heavy it is? It's like a rug!) I also quilted up this little wall quilt. Binding will go on tomorrow.

But about 4:00 we decided we needed to get outside. So, of course, we went tromping through the woods to find the bald eagle nest on the Wabash River. It was so cold! But we found it and spotted a couple of eagles. (By then it was too dark to get a good picture of the birds.) We were very excited. We are so weird!

Today the sun finally came out for while, so I spent some time straightening the greenhouse and found some crocuses just about ready to bloom. Then we had dinner with Eric: homemade bread, vegetable soup and chocolate cake. It was so good, but I'm ready for some warm weather food, aren't you?

I had Rick choose a number for the drawing. So the winner is commenter #6 Stacy. Congratulations! Please send me you address and I'll mail the bag out to you soon. Thanks for all who entered and your kind comments on my shop opening. 


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Announcement and Giveaway

Well, maybe it's no big announcement if anyone has been observant and seen my sidebar. Yes, I'm opening a new Etsy shop. I will be concentrating on small quilted items, some embroidery, some seasonal...and sometimes vintage supplies. Whatever catches my eye and I think others will like.

I've not made it a secret that I like to do hand quilting, so most of the quilts will showcase this. Though some utilitarian items will have machine stitching.

To celebrate the opening of my shop I'm offering a giveaway, this hand embroidered bag shown below:

Leave a comment at the end of this post and I will randomly pick a winner next Sunday. Good luck!

I wanted to thank everyone for their kind and supportive comments and emails about our son. I read them to my husband and we felt better each time. We started a 12 week workshop put on by the National Alliance on Mental Illness, and we are learning about his disorder and ways to help him. I would recommend  it for anyone who has mental illness in their family.

I almost forgot - tomorrow is my birthday!  (I can hardly believe it, 58. How did that happen?) We are having the kids over for dinner and (hopefully) cheesecake. But the best part about my birthday is that it is the day I know spring is near and  I can usually start working in the gardens soon. (Not this year though. Four inches of snow just melted and the ground is saturated.) Also, I get garden related gifts. Gotta love that:)