Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Crazy Quilt

No, the quilt is not crazy. But I might be for trying to make it!

It's an English paper pieced quilt of little stars, each about 4 inches across. I figure it will take the whole winter and spring to get this put together. (That is, if I can get more fabric.) And then there is the quilting, which is my favorite part. Anyway, a long term project.

I really love hand sewing and this is a lot of hand sewing:) It's very relaxing after a day at work. I look forward everyday to hitting the couch with my needle and thread, sitting next to Rick watching a movie. Heaven, I tell you!

We have had very cold temps this week and even a little snow. All the more reason to have a project to keep me busy when I don't want to go outside. I'd love to hear about your indoor winter projects!