Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Cookies

Last Sunday we had our grandson Tad over for the afternoon to cut out and decorate sugar cookies. It brought back so many memories of doing this very thing with our boys through the years.

This is serious work!
I've learned the easiest way to do cookie decorating with little boys is to put out a cookie sheet for them to work over so as not to get sprinkles all over the floor. Don't forget one of Grandpa's old t-shirts.  And to have the best time - don't worry about making a tray of perfectly frosted cookies! Let them have fun and do it the way they want. To us, they are all masterpieces. And the cookies taste just as good. Probably better because of who did them!

Besides the sugar cookies, I made chocolate mint ( made with Andes pieces), Mexican wedding cakes, chocolate caramel thumbprints, and Santa's whiskers. I make up large batches pf each and freeze them. When we have company or go somewhere, I just take out some from each bag and make up a plate.  (If anyone wants recipes, just let me know.)

As it turns out we are not doing our family Christmas until next weekend. Justin can not be here until then and we all decided it was better to wait and have everyone here together. That works out well for Andrew and Alison. They are hosting her family's dinner tomorrow and of course, Santa will have been there. It will give them time to recover and the kids time to play with their toys before another round of festivities at our house. Eric, Rick and I will have a small dinner and maybe some games of Scrabble tomorrow. Very low key, but nice. I can't wait, though, for Tad to open his gifts from us. So fun to have little ones at Christmas!

I'm wishing you all a very happy holiday with your loved ones! See you next year!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Christmas Kitchen

Well, the house is decked out, the presents are wrapped and under the tree, and the cookies have been baked (and quite a few eaten:). All that's left is to address and send out the cards. I have never been this organized for Christmas in my life! And it feels so good to know that I can spend the rest of the days leading up to the the Big Day relaxing in that warm glow of satisfaction! Ha!

Since we spend so much time in our kitchen/ family room, I wanted to share what we see as we sit in here and eat dinner, or watch TV, or read, or knit or.... It truly is the heart of our home!

I love this twiggy tree. I have it decorated with homemade ornaments, birds, dried apples and oranges, and popcorn and cranberry garland. When my grandson saw it, he said, very seriously, "My family doesn't put food on our tree." He cracks me up sometimes!

This is the cabinet that Rick made years ago. It's a great place to decorate! We use it to showcase the Santas that Rick has carved through the years, as well as our Department 56 village pieces.

You may have noticed the vintage boxes in the hutch. For awhile I was collecting old Christmas decorating items just for the wonderful colors and graphics on the boxes. I have several snow, ornament hanger, and candle boxes. I even found a pair of strap on "sled skates" in the original box! Love them.

I hope you all our having a great time getting ready for the holidays. It doesn't look or feel Christmassy outside ( it's been mostly warm and rainy here) but it feels perfect here in the kitchen!
Take care!