Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Color Change and a Birthday

I love how this spice cabinet turned out after changing the color from rustic gold to this "farmhouse" green. I  used craft paint and had to mix a couple colors to get the one I wanted. It looks just like the green on vintage cooking utensils, which I now plan to collect! And it looks great with the old cookbooks. So happy when things work out like that! (Rick did the distressing. Great job.)

On Sunday we celebrated the 22nd birthday of our youngest son, Eric. He is such a wonderful young man, so smart, caring, and funny. And he is the one Tad raises his arms to pick him up and read a story. We can't compete when Eric is around.

And look at Tad. His parents cut his curls off! He looks like a big boy now, but I'll miss his long red curls. (By the way, we love Eric's long hair. We're just old hippies :)


Karen said...

Your spice cabinet came out so nice, love that color! Sweet family photos - Tad is getting so big! I do love Eric's hair, as an old hippie myself, we all had long hair, didn't we? He's a good looking young man, Happy Birthday to him! xx

Creative Breathing said...

I do love your spice cabinet color and your son's long hair as well! The little man is quite a looker as well. Sweet post! Elizabeth

vivian said...

Your little spice cupboard turned out cute. I like the pale mint green old stuff too. I dont have any, but I like it!
as for the long hair.. my husband still has his pony tail from when I met him 36 years ago! Hes more of an old biker then an old hippy. lol. both of my sons went through a phase in highschool were they grew their hair long and grew bears too! didnt bother us at all either.
have a great day cindy!
oh.. and what a sweet little grand baby!!

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Love the way your spice cupboard turned out! Wonderful color. Happy Birthday to your son! The little one looks so cute!

Helen Philipps said...

Love the pretty green spice cupboard, Cindy! Happy Birthday to your son, and how sweet your little grandson is....and it's lovely that they have such a special relationship.
Wishing you a happy week.
Helen x