Monday, February 7, 2011

Old Boxes, New Trick

 A couple of weeks ago I bought some pretty 3D stickers from K and Co., and was thinking about how to use them. I searched through my craft supplies and came upon a bunch of small boxes I had saved. They became the perfect surface to cover with paper and add the stickers, flowers, lace and buttons. I love how they turned out.

I don't want to become a real hoarder, as in the TV show, but it is nice to have some things on hand, like these boxes to craft with.


Sunny simple life said...

I love them. The gardening one is so me! You are making me want to head to the craft store.

Creative Breathing said...

Cindy, You have the most wonderful craft room! I would adore such a tucked under the roof spot. What absolutely beautiful things you make. Quilt, ah to dream of making a quilt. Your paper crafting is just exquisite! I loved your little book project, and these boxes are absolutely elegant. I'm so happy to have visited here today! Elizabeth