Friday, February 18, 2011

Garden Memories

With the warm weather we have had in the last few days, I am thinking, dreaming, planning, gardens. Of all my hobbies, gardening is the closest to my heart. And, besides my kids, what I enjoy photographing the most. A few years ago, in my obsessive way, I started a garden album. I add to it every year, look through it in the winter, and use it to help decide what to do the next growing season.

I'm not very good at taking pictures of my pictures, but this will give you an idea of how I put the album together.

I have already started some perennial seeds, and will start some annuals and veggies in a few weeks.
I just can't wait to get my hands into the soil!


Sandy said...

Great going.

You'd never know that all that beauty is under all that snow. What a miracle nature offers us. The beauty of Winter sleeping...then the waking of Spring with all it's splendor.

Have a lovely weekend my friend...
xoso Sandy O

vivian said...

what a great idea! and your so lucky to have a green thumb and the desire to garden. I guess if I knew what the heck I was doing I might like it better. I love flowers and gardens but Im a horrible gardener!! I'll have to live vicariously through you.. unless you care to come to NY and tend to my garden! (well youd first have to create one for me!
happy sunday

Brenda Kula said...

I can't wait to get my hands into the soil either. The plants I bought yesterday will have to wait until a little close to spring to pop into the ground. I just couldn't resist! You are so organized with your ideas!

ONG said...

Love the idea of garden albums! You have just sparked more creative thoughts for me this morning. Look forward to following your blog!

Sunny simple life said...

That is such a good idea. I wish I would have done that thru the years. I know I have pictures of the gardens I have had though. Show us what you got at KMart. I still have not got around to getting over there because we were gone and now I am just plain tired.

Anonymous said...

I am so impressed!