Friday, January 28, 2011

Art with a Past

There is a story behind this frame. During WW2 my father was a Navy flight instructor and flew supply missions to South America. After one trip to Brazil he brought back two frames like this. Each was filled with a beautiful design completely made of butterfly wings. At some point one was given to my sister and one to me. When I was in college I kept my frame on a coffee table. One day I bumped into it. It fell on the floor and the wings, which were very dry, broke into a million pieces. I was devastated! I kept the frame all these years, not knowing what to put in it. Then I saw this idea on a blog (sorry, I can't remember which one). It was perfect.

I've had these stickers for years. I just popped them up, typed up the Latin names from a guide book, and distressed everything a little. Now my butterfly frame is on the wall (of course!) and a reminder of the gift from my dad.


Sandy said...

That was a lovely idea....reminders are so important to our everyday you can enjoy the importance of your gift. xoso Sandy

Cheryl said...

Good save! That looks lovely :-)

You had asked about the garland I had used on my tags. (you have a "no-reply" email) Anywho, you can find this thinner garland at Christmas time normally by the Christmas ornaments. Its usually rolled up like toilet paper.... comes in multi colored rolls and solid colors as well. Walmart sells it for about $3-$4 bucks.

vivian said...

great idea! At least you had saved the frame all these years! See its good to save EVERYTHING!! I keep telling myself "oh, dont throw that away, you I might need it someday!"
anyways next time you see a swap opened.. you should just jump on board! Ya gotta start somewhere. They are a lot of fun. I might possible host an easter swap. but my friend cindy from thimbleprimstudio is hosting an egg swap.. you should hop over and sign up for hers!
have a great weekend