Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Some New Finds

On Sunday, Rick and I needed to get out for a little while. After a nice lunch we went to one of our favorite antique malls. We didn't find much to bring home this time, but I did get this little tiny tea set, which was very reasonable.

Not long ago, at this shop, I got this "Bunnykins" baby dish which I just love, even though it's not old:

And this cute little toy that added to our chicken collection:

 Here are all my little chickens things in a shelf above my kitchen desk. We use the egg scales when we get a really large egg and get excited when it goes over the "extra large" mark.

Now I can't wait for May when the flea market in town starts up again. More treasures to find!


Anonymous said...

How lovely, flea market finds are the best and what is there to do in January? So we wait until spring. We have a few places that stay open year round but nothing that I'm searching for at the moment. darn the luck. :)
Have a wonderful week,

Sunny simple life said...

The little chicken pulling the cart is so sweet. He'd look good in my kitchen:)