Friday, May 27, 2011

"School's Out for Summer"

School is done and so am I! With work, that is. Now I can be at home, my favorite place to be. Gardening, crafting, baking, even cleaning. I love it all!

We have had a week of cold, rainy days. So the garden hasn't gotten a lot of attention. Most of the roses are on hold; just big buds ready to burst with the first sunny day.

This "Golden Showers" is the only one blooming. It hasn't bloomed in several years. I'm not sure why, but I'm very happy to see it again. (It's a little droopy with the rain.)

The Japanese irises around the pond are coming on. I just love that shade of purple.

And the peonies are just starting. Love the fragrance. I like to bring them inside for arrangements, don't you?

Well, have a good weekend, everyone! I just hope the sun comes out!


Anonymous said...

Hey Cindy! I've been trying to comment for 2 days, your blog opened but with an x over all your photos, all seems fine and dandy so far. School is out? Already? it has another month to go around here. Your gardens looking especially lovely, the Japanese iris's are looking very pretty. Have fun in Texas tomorrow...Bring home lots of stuff. :)
Lots of hugs Rosemary...XX

Anonymous said...

Looks beautiful. I remember those last days of school, both of my parents were teachers and it was so fun to spend the summers together...the best of time!
Ann A Sentimental Life

Sunny Simple Life said...

Oh the color of your iris are just stunning. Have a great weekend.

Regina said...

hi cindy,
your yellow rose looks great.beautiful iris!!!
oh i love also the fragrance of the peonies.
have a great weekend,

Kerin said...

Here's to hoping for sunny weather. We have had a few hours of sunshine.. but then, in come the clouds. I soooo wish we could get some HOT weather. Crops could start growing, and so could our gardens :)
Beautiful pictures.. I'm glad you shared them with us.
I've been enjoying my old lilac bushes. It has been a great year for the lilacs.
Have a happy day :)

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Beautiful photos! Love the iris by the pond. Enjoy your summer vacation!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

WOW! Those blue irises are gorgeous! The color is so vibrant! I hope you've seen the sun and had a good weekend! ♥

Beverly said...

Cindy, your yard and gardens are so lovely!!