Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Birthday Bees

Yesterday was our middle son's 27th birthday. We had a special dinner for Andrew on Sunday, complete with his favorite, strawberry rhubarb pie. Our gift to him was a hammock. But his gift to himself came Monday night, and this is how he spent his birthday:

  Andrew has wanted bees for a long time. He and his wife bought a house in town, so he asked if he could have keep a hive at our house. Well, of course!

He and his younger brother, Eric, spent the afternoon getting the bees settled in their new home.


For a short time the bees swarmed in a nearby tree, but the boys took care of that. Then they sat near the hive and watched them and talked. It was a great day for Andrew and guess what? No one got stung!

Happy Birthday, Andrew! (The bee whisperer)

1 comment:

Kerin said...

Wishing your son a very happy birthday!
I think he got the BEST present of all !!
Make certain to let the bees know all the goings on around the family.....keep whispering to them... they truely like to know :)