Friday, May 13, 2011

Garden Update

With the July-like temperatures we've had for the last few days, the garden is growing like crazy. But we haven't had enough rain to settle in all the new plantings, so we've been lugging the hoses and watering cans around. Not my favorite thing, especially this early in the season.

The bearded irises are starting to bloom. We mostly have the  old fashioned blue ones, but I try to add a new color each year. Then I forget what I bought and get pleasantly surprised, like with this very pretty white one.

The perennial bachelor buttons and columbines have seeded themselves along the side of our deck and the path to the vegetable gardens. I love the lush look they give to this spot.

Here is another columbine that just turned up. I really like this woodland variety.

The herb garden is starting to fill in (except for that bed in the middle - basils and dill will be coming up soon.) We have lots of those old fashioned poppies. I got a start from my dad, who got his from my grandfather. A good pass-along plant.

 The fruits and veggies are coming along. Just look at all the strawberry blossoms! I can't wait to pick a bowlful of berries for breakfast, and pies, and shortcake, and...

I wanted to pot up some herbs to put on the deck. I know most people would do this to use them for cooking, and I will. But I mostly like the look of herbs and especially in this planter on the wire shelf. I'll show the rest of the deck and the back porch as soon as I get them cleaned up and "staged" : )

I'll leave you with this picture of our newest "babies". Since we don't have large fish right now, they have a good chance of maturing into insect eating toads for the garden. Though I have noticed that in the years we have lots of small toads and frogs, we also have snakes. Oh, the fun of living in the country!

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Kerin said...

Love those poppies! Beautiful!
Of course, the herbs are the bomb :)
Happy gardening. Hope you enjoy your weekend!