Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Do You Believe in Fairies?

When we were in San Diego last spring we went to Summer's Past Herb Farm. They had so many great garden ideas, but the one I liked the best was their Fairy Garden in an old wheel barrow.  When we came home, I was able to replicate it. We had an old barrow just like theirs!

I already had the metal miniature pieces. And I just transplanted some of our small sedums, thyme, and moss. My husband found the round rock that was split in all those pieces.

We haven't had a fairy visit yet, but this gnome has made himself very comfortable.

I really like sedums and have been collecting them. When we went to Chicago we stopped at Gardens on the Prairie in Lowell, Indiana. They had a huge collection of sedums and other succulents. I bought the ones below and put them in the kids' old wagon.

They don't mind getting dried out occasionally, and there are holes for drainage for when it rains.

I've got a couple of hypertufa troughs that we made last year that I need to plant up. I'm thinking alpine plants, or more sedums.  Decisions, decisions!


Anonymous said...

I Love it!!! You knew I would didn't you? :))) Yep believe in fairies and remember to place something for them to climb up onto like some grapevine. My mother use to tell me it will bring one good health... My gardens are so soggy... But on a good note we are suppose to be in for a hot summer!
Hugs Rosemary...XX
P.S. I found the story about your sister bittersweet and her love for the art for pressing flowers very endearing Thank you for sharing Cindy!

Kerin said...

Adorable! Very creative too :)
Your gardens are charming and beautiful.
Hope that the rest of your week is terrific.
If your having sunshine....send some our way :)

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

This is just precious! You should link it up to Debbie's newbie party! I know everyone would enjoy seeing it!
Enjoy your week! ♥