Saturday, August 3, 2013

Pickled Peppers

To my husband surprise and happiness I made him some pickled pepperoncini peppers. We love to make Italian beef sandwiches and you need these to make them. Sometimes they are hard to find in the stores (or I forget to buy them.) And they are not so hot that you have to dress in a hazmet suit to work with them!

We have about five butterfly bushes around our little pond besides several others around the yard. Lately, at any give time, there are 5 or 6 swallowtail butterflies on them. And they are huge this year! They are also hard to photograph. They flap their wings like they are frantic to get all that nectar. There are others that I don't know the names of, like that blue one above. So pretty!

This has been the most perfect garden year here in Indiana. The weather has been mild, with rain right when we need it. I heard on the news that crop production will be the best in 25 years. This is a view of our veggie garden border. It is lush and full of flowers, insects and hummingbirds. What a beautiful time of year!


Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Your garden is so pretty. Love all your flowers and butterflies. They really like the Milk Weed also. Love the picture of your pretty blue bird on the bird house.
Yum - your Italian Beef sandwiches sound good - will have to make some.
Have a great weekend.

Our photos said...

Your graen is beautiful!
And you hve make beautiful photos!

GardenOfDaisies said...

Your pickled peppers look wonderful. (Is that the same type of peppers they put on pizzas? My husband and son love those!) The butterflies are lovely too. This summer has been a lot wetter and cooler than normal, and some of my herbs are not doing as well as they usually do. (They usually do really well in our hot summers.) And today my tomato plant looked horrible and yellow. What happened??? It was fine two days ago and producing lovely little tomatoes for me to eat.

Stacy said...

Yummy - I love pickled peppers! My garden didn't do well this year - I kind of neglected it. It was too soon to plant a garden, I think - too many other projects to take care of as this is our first summer in this house. Maybe next year! <3

Karen Frost said...

Pick a peck of pickled peppers! Did you say that 3 times fast? he he. Your gardens are so lovely and those butterflies are amazing! So glad you are having a good year in the garden. We are very dry - yes - in Seattle! No rain since June 22nd except a light sprinkle. But maybe rain this weekend. :) Your husband is a lucky guy. xoxo

Lady Linda said...

WOW, I have never had a pickled pepper. I love your pictures on this post.I sounds like you have had a great summer. Our's has been pretty warm and dry. I find myself thinking about fall at this time of the year.

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Your butterfly photos are so pretty!

This has been THE worst gardening year ever here. I'd rather have drought since I can water my garden. There's not much I can do about too much water!

Julie Hargreaves said...

Beautiful Butterfly photos