Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Spring Quilt Finsihed

This quilt took longer than usual to finish. I decided to add some embroidery to the outer border. After about two sides I was wishing I hadn't! But now that it's done, I'm pretty happy the with the way it turned out. 

When I finished this quilt, I was in the mood to work on something for fall, so I made this little table mat. 

This is a free pattern from the blog She has designed two blocks for each month. I loved this apple block, though I made a mistake and put the apples going in the wrong direction.  I didn't feel like picking it apart, but I'm happy to live with it as is :)

I spent last weekend getting out the fall stuff. It is such a fun season to decorate for. I'll be back with some photos soon. I have today off from work which is good because I've got a cold with a bad sore throat. Not a good thing when working with the public at a library! 


Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

You are so talented. Those are gorgeous.

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

I love both pieces! The colors you chose are just lovely! Can't wait to see what your make next!

Karen said...

That quilt is so beautiful! And I love your table mat. Looks like so much love went into them. Doesn't it seem like we always get sick at the start of a new season? Hope you're feeling better soon. xx

Nellie said...

I have been missing some posts! I have signed up to follow, but I'm not receiving notices when you post! You do such lovely work,and I am really in awe! Take care of yourself!

Anonymous said...

Your work is beautiful Cindy! I just love the mat on your table. Happy birthday to your son, Oct 4th was my parents wedding anniversary. The wedding was lovely and I will get some pictures up soon. Loved to see your son's wedding.
Take care of your cold it's going around this house as well.
Hugs Rosemary...xoxo

Solstitches said...

Your quilt is beautiful and! LOVE the embroidery around the border - so pretty.
The apple quilt turned out so nice too. The way you have quilted it looks great.