Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Invasion of the Tadpoles!

Since we left for our vacation at the end of May, we didn't open up our pool when we usually do.  So when we went to take the cover off on Sunday, we found the water on the cover full of tadpoles. And not just little ones, but HUGE bullfrog tadpoles! My husband couldn't stand the thought of them dying, so he spent hours netting them out and putting them in our fish pond.

We probably got at least 100 of these guys. Then when we were tried to take the cover off, it ripped and all that leafy garbage fell into the pool. Talk about gross! Well, the only thing we could do was drain the whole darn thing, and start over. Hopefully, it will be all drained tonight and we can start filling it. With an expected high today of 97, I wish it were ready. I sure am!


Kerin said...

Maybe they'll get big enough to keep the flys away :)
We're getting temps in the 60's today.....seems so wonderful!
Stay cool :)

Diane Mars said...

Oh what a projEct that was, we had to just clean our pond for the grands party and my husband was not real happy about that, and it was not even close to your size! Cannot wait to see the pool up and running! Hugs, Diane