Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Herb Gardens

I've been working in the gardens every morning trying to get the weeds under control. The heat usually does me in by 11:00 or so. By that time I'm red in the face, my clothes dipping with sweat. I probably look like I'm ready to collapse. (I am!) And no pool to jump into yet.

Here is my deck herb garden. No weeding required! Though does need a little trim.

Today I worked in the big herb garden. The rose below is Joseph's Coat, surrounded by larkspur, lamb's ear, and clematis. (Can't remember the names of all my clematis.)

The lovage, valarian, and rue are all blooming.

I let larkspur and bachelor button reseed all over. I like the cottage look they give.

Look at this big batch of fennel, both green and bronze. They have reseeded all over too.

In just a few short weeks, the bed below will be full of basil, dill, and cilantro. I think dill is my favorite herb. The smell of it just means summer to me. What are your favorite scents of summer?


lisa said...

Your gardens are beautiful... I understand the heat part of it..

My favorite herb is thyme and basil..Lisa

Anonymous said...

What amazing herb gardens you have Cindy! I just can't get over how much everything has come in! My bronze fennel is just starting. Your cottage garden is really gorgeous. Your photos are always spectacular...
Lots of hugs & keep cool!

Kerin said...

Beautiful gardens!
I love the larkspur!! Every garden needs herbs, and you have a great assortment, and they are so healthy and beautiful.
Thanks for sharing!

Kathleen From Yesteryear Embroideries said...

What a green thumb you have! I have always loved fresh herbs to cook with and your gardens are so lovely! blessings,Kathleen

vivian said...

great gardens! I think Ive decided that its not that I dont like to garden, its that I dont know How to and I dont have the time too... I need to be rich and hire a landscaper and gardener!!
have a nice weekend.

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

wish I could get my larkspur to grow! Looks so good