Sunday, April 10, 2011

I'm in the Garden!

The weather this weekend was just wonderful for working out in the garden. I got so much done. Cleaned out the tool shed, divided the water lilies, planted the early spring veggies. The house didn't get cleaned, but  who cares! The garden looks great! Here are a few things that are blooming now:

A pretty white anemone.
I love the smell of hyacinths.
Pulmanaria just starting to bloom.
I tried to get some pics of the chickens, but they weren't cooperating. They kept running away from me.

I'll be showing pictures of each whole garden soon, when there is more to see! They are really at their best from mid May through June.  And I have got to get rid of that snowy header, but I'm waiting for my crabapple to bloom. Any day now!

I hope everyone had a nice productive weekend too.


Sunny Simple Life said...

A day in the garden is always a good day. Can't wait to see what it looks like when you can show us it all.

Beverly said...

Hi Cindy..

I thought I would pay you a visit. I cannot wait to see your gardens in looks like your garden layout is lovely....but you are right, you need to update that snowy header!! LOL. I think we've seen enough snow this year. I took a look at your chickens and can't identify them either. They are lovely, though!!

Oh and I love that little pillow with the birds on it!

Thanks for visiting my farm,

Kerin said...

Beautiful pictures!
It sure does the heart and soul good to get out in the sunshine, but it is even better when we can garden!
We bought plants over the weekend, but we have to wait to plant them. It's still trying to snow here, and the temps are set to drop around the 20 degree mark tonight....ugh! Someday... someday we will warm up and the sun will stay :)
Hope you have a wonderful week!

Shine said...

Your flowers are beautiful! You're so lucky to have chickens!! I saw in Mary Jane's Farm magazine where people in the city are acutally keeping chickens in their homes!!! I REALLY want some chickens, but I don't think I want them QUITE that bad....YET:) Have a lovely evening~~Shine