Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Decorating

I have finally finished the decorating. I am usually done before now, but a pulled muscle in my back (from lifting decoration boxes) had me on the sofa for a few days. I do the decorations pretty much the same every year. We like it, and it makes it easy because we have so much to put out. Here are a few of our trees and stuff:


  1. Hi Cindy... I saw you at Elizabeths (I think) and heard what you were saying. It's scary but the more you chat the more you learn. I'm you're second follower, aren't you excited that when you opened your blog there was a comment? I get so excited. I only a couple months if that, when I look for new comments I'm so happy to see a new person/friend. Please come and visit/follow me... I'll help you if you need any thing answered. Well as one newbie to another. Lol WELCOME! Your new friend.... xoso Sandy

  2. Welcome to our community Cindy! What a wonderful time to start with beautiful holiday decorations! Your blog header is just lovely. The name of your blog sounds very interesting, and I hope we will hear about your life on the "prarie". Have a lovely week ahead! Elizabeth

  3. Cindy... Thanks for stopping by! You are just too cute..reading it to your husband..that's SO something that I would do. This blogging world can take a lot of time, you sit down for a few minutes and whew....and hour has gone by like that. Have fun!! xoso Sandy