Monday, July 25, 2016

Back Home Again

We are back from a wonderfully relaxing vacation to Siesta Key, Florida. We had such a good time. We spent our mornings at the beach, enjoying the warm, clear water, hanging out at the condo in the heat of the afternoon, and then going out for dinner at one of the fun restaurants on the island. I decided not to take my camera and just took a very few cell phone photos.

Some people have asked why we go to Florida in the summer. The answer is simple. We go to be on the beach and play in the water and in the summer we are assured it will be warm! When the kids were small we would go down in January to stay with my in-laws at the condo they rented. It was always hit or miss as to the weather. It's also much more expensive in the winter. Except for the lack of birds (we love to go birding) summer is best for us. And as it turned out, it was cooler and less humid there than it was in Indiana. Go figure!

Before we left we worked hard on the gardens and yard so we would not come back to a jungle. Not!!! It rained at least 3 times while we were gone and everything went wild! And now it's too hot to weed. I tried but I can't be out in this heat for very long, especially working. So I wander around taking pictures and trying not to feel bad about all I want to do. Here are a few:

These lilies are over 6 feet tall!

And now I have to share a couple of grandbaby pics, because well, these kids are so darn cute!

Tad has become a little fish this year!


Son Eric with Klaus
Trixie is almost 4 months old!
Sorry, I sometimes forgot to wipe the lens - it's so humid! I hope everyone has a wonderful week!


Carol said...

Sounds like FL was a great trip, Cindy! We always used to go in mid-June after my kids were done with school--it was nice because it was quieter and, as you mentioned, the water was warmer.

Wow! Your gardens look super--we are really hurting for rain here so ours don't look very good. Between the lack of rain and the critters and deer, my poor husband is about to give up!

Love the shots of your grandkids--I keep hoping and hoping that some day, I'll have at least one of my own :)

Enjoy your day!

vivian said...

Im glad you had a good time in Florida. And your gardens look great to me.. though I like a little bit of a wild look. cute babies!! I would be calling your tad a tadpole if he likes to swim! lol!
have a great rest of the week!

Beatrice Euphemie said...

I can understand visiting Florida this time of year, Cindy - a lot less people! My FIL lived in Florida and we loved visiting in the summer when nobody was around. Your gardens are so beautiful. I love the little red shed :) Your grand-babies are too precious....they are growing so fast! Hope it cools off there for you soon! Hugs xo Karen

Lady Linda said...

Yep...those grandbaby pix are so dang cute. Looks like a great time. Summer is a special time.