Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Some Decorations

I'm having  trouble getting some good pictures of the decorations in the in the kitchen. So bear with me...

This is our nature tree. It's one of those twiggy trees and I put handmade nature related ornies on it. There are some carved bee skeps, seed covered balls, and birds nests. I need to dry some orange and apple slices. They look like stained glass when the lights are shining through them.

I made this guy last year from a tutorial by Linda Albrect, I think.
Nativity made by my step sister about 25 years ago.
I made this Santa from a pattern in Create and Decorate.
I put a strand of battery lights in here. Got the idea from Elaine at here.
We have been having problems with our Christmas lights this year. They worked fine when we put them up, but one by one, they are going out. So guess what I'm doing today? Taking all the ornaments off the tree in the living room, replacing the lights, then redecorating. My husband is putting new lights on the greenery around the porch doors. Hopefully we will be fine for the rest of the season!


Becca's Dirt said...

Don't ya hate when that happens. I try to buy new lights each year to add to or get rid of other strands that lose a light or two and half the strand goes out. At least they aren't too expensive. I managed 600 lights on my tree this year. Love the idea of the nature tree.

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

Oh no I can't believe you have to dismantle the tree. What a bummer. I love your prim tiggy tree thought. I would love to get one of those.

Kerin said...

I love all your decor!

Too bad about the lights! Hope that once they get fixed that they will stay fixed.

How long do you leave your decorations and lights up??
Hope this is a great week for you !

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love your tree and I hope you get the lights to work. I've seen those in the nice shops in Asheville and always loved them! Happy holidays! ♥

Kim K. said...

Such pretty Christmas displays. I hope your next set of lights are happy ones!

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

So lovely! Want to wish you a Merry Christmas. blessings,Kathleen

Nellie said...

Really lovely decorations! We are having difficulty with our lights, too. We must have bought them all at the same time.:-) I hope you are enjoying this Christmas season, regardless.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous tree Cindy!
Merry Christmas & all the best in 2012
Hugs Rosemary...x