Tuesday, October 18, 2011

On the Other Hand... Some Fall Decorating

Here I am again, on the sofa recuperating from carpel tunnel surgery. So glad this is the last hand. It was much more painful than the first time. But I've got some good pain meds and will be back to crafting and everything else in a couple of weeks.

I took a few pictures over the weekend of some fall decor around the house. 

My husband made this little hutch many years ago, and I got it out of the attic to display it again. It was so fun to find all the miniatures to put in it.

This washstand is in our entry hall. Great place to decorate for the changing seasons. Those corn cob candles were made with our corn muffin pan.

This is the shelf above my desk in the kitchen. Another great place to decorate:)

I love this old paper turkey. I got it for pennies at an antique store that specialized in ephemera. Sadly, it closed a few years ago. BTW, the little guy on the right was made by our youngest many moons ago!

A couple of my homemade items. So fun!

One of my fall quilts. I was inspired to make this by the beautiful vista of fall colors overlooking the Wabash River.

And lastly, our little sweety boy Tad, at 4 months.

He's the best decoration!


Kerin said...

Sending out 'get well' wishes to you!
Everything at your home looks so cozy and warm. I have to agree..your sweet grand is the best decoration of all!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

He is indeed your best decoration! But Fall really is a great time to bring out the pretty warm colors and warm quilts! ♥

Nellie said...

What wonderful inspiration for my own decorating!
By the way, I've sent you email. We were out of town for several days, without Internet access, and I was just able to get back on the computer yesterday.
Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Creative Breathing said...

Hi Cindy, I can't thank you enough for joining my tag swap. You know how much I love to visit this special place you call home.
I think the tags will be a fun size to decorate with. I hope you will enjoy making 20 tags!
Again, so glad to have you! Elizabeth

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Everything looks so wonderful......especially that bubbly little baby! Hope you heal quickly! Glad this is the last hand. blessings,Kathleen