Friday, August 5, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

We used to grow pumpkins, melons, squash, etc. in our main garden. But when we downsized we gave up those space eaters. And we were having trouble with squash bugs. Ugh, how I hate those things.
A few years ago we started throwing some pumpkin seeds near the compost piles. They grow like crazy back there and they can stretch out as much as they want. This is what we found the other day:

  I'm sure there are more out there, but it's pretty weedy and I couldn't see them all. This one looks just the right size for a Jack 0' Lantern.

We didn't find this guy in the pumpkin patch, but he is our "little punkin"!

Do you see Tad's t-shirt? It says "My dad's a Geek". Love it!


  1. I love pumpkins & gourds etc. ( Much later on of course) I stopped growing most squash when I ran out of room! Unbelievable what you just discovered my dear, I'd be thrilled especially since I have my eye on your bottle neck gourd. :)
    Baby Tad is beautiful!
    Have a great weekend, hugs Rosemary...

  2. Darling baby in his little plaid shorts. How cute!!

  3. I'm so jealous of your pumpkin and gourds. We've got a huge garden this year and we carve at least 15 pumpkins annually at our Halloween party, and the rabbits/deer have managed to find their way into the garden despite all our best efforts with fencing and have made a mess of the pumpkins. I'll look forward to admiring your lovely items.

    What a handsome baby.

  4. What a great find. I love volunterr gardens. I can't believe how fast Tad is changing!

  5. Beautiful garden! I am impressed and now looking forward to Fall! Your little buddy is sure a sweetheart! :)

  6. This has been THE worst squash bug season I've EVER had! I can't get rid of them. So far I've only gotten to mini pumpkins so you're doing way better than me. Tad is a cutie!