Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Inside and Out

I've been inspired by so many blogs that I thought I would show a few Easter things I've put around the house. 

 I just found this Peter Rabbit tea set at Tuesday Morning. Love it!

Some of you might recognize this mat as a pattern offered by Elizabeth of Bluebird Papercrafts.

There is not much in bloom here yet. After a warm weekend, we've had temps back in the 40's.  We've got a few crocuses left and the daffs are starting. I planted out some violas to add more color.

Every day I go out and see what's come up. It's like seeing old friends again! Soon I will be cleaning up the perennial borders and getting the spring veggies planted. I'll show more soon! 


Sandy said...

Oh... Your little outdoor house withOUT all the snow... how cute.
I love that you've shared all your Spring things..isn't it fun?
I don't think I've decorated AS MUCH before as I have since getting so much inpiration from our lovely blogger friends.
I see something and think "I want that" or I can make that"...each day brings a new want or need in the world of decorating for holiday.
Are those little felt eggs I see? Very cute. The letters.. I NEED those! Bunny on a 'shroom...adorable. Is it a Mama duck and baby toy? OMG that is so sweet.
I'm loving all your sharing...thanks. xoso Sandy O

Sunny Simple Life said...

It all looks so cute. I love the pillow and the mat! Aww spring. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Very spring! I am going to enjoy following the progress of your gardens, you have an amazing property there. Your pot outdoor is so inviting and yet, we still sit in snow with a little more on it's way tomorrow....
Have a great wednesday,

Kerin said...

Your spring decor is adorable! And I love your flowers !
Have a great week.

Kathleen from Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Every thing just looks so cheery! Love it! blessings,Kathleen