Monday, February 8, 2016


Things have been very quiet around here. Hence, not much to blog about. I've been in hibernation mode. Spending a lot of time knitting and quilting. Some scrapbooking. Movie watching and  tea drinking. Well, you get the idea!

These hyacinths look and smell like spring and that's what I"m thinking about. I've started quite a few perennial flower seeds. They're mostly all germinated and under lights in the basement. I get such a sense of accomplishment when those little plants come up! (As if I had that much to do with it!)

I have been working on a new sweater, for myself this time. I found the pattern in a Debbie McComber book from the library. I splurged on some good yarn from our local yarn store: River City Yarns. It's called Elysian from Cascade Yarns. I love this soft shade of blue and it works up so nice.

Then I saw this free pattern on 
and just had to make it. I had several fabrics in these pink and aqua colors that worked perfect together. I'm having fun doing the quilting using a stencil I bought at Joann's. Now I have to figure out how to quilt the inside of the hearts. Hmmm...

How are all of you getting through the winter? I would love to hear!



Nellie said...

Hi, Cindy! I have been so "hit and miss" with blogging activities lately that I realize I've missed some of your posts! Lovely header of your winter scene. It is very rare for us to have something like that here. Your knitting looks wonderful! That groundhog actually predicted an early spring, but we know how accurate his predictions are.:-) Hugs, Nellie

Lady Linda said...

Hybernation, heh? Love it. I enjoy this time of the year. I get a bit sad when winter slips away, which it is doing here in Oregon.
Your quilt is darling! I love all the quilting. It is so pretty. I haven't mastered that yet and not sure I ever will.
Your knitting is wonderful too.
Fun post.

vivian said...

We have not had much of a wintery winter her this year. however, the next week or so are supposed to be colder and more winterish! lol! the grass is green here and has only had an inch or two of snow at a time that seems to melt pretty much the next day. Very unusual for us. but no complaints! It may catch up with us now.. there is still time! lol!
love the knitting and quilting you do! great ways to keep warm in the cold weather.
Have a great day

Carol said...

Oh, that shade of blue in your new sweater is lovely, Cindy! I am determined to teach myself to knit when I retire :) And the quilt is so darling--another thing I'd love to learn! I just need to be able to manage on about 4 hours of sleep!!

Winter has been a non-event here this year, although we are having snow today. It is so, so pretty outside right now...

Stay warm and enjoy your hibernation :)

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Hi Cindy, your sweater is lovely - the color is so pretty! It's so nice to make something for yourself for a change, I'm sure. Your heart quilt is so sweet - I love the fabrics. I've been doing a bit of this and that to get through the winter - running outside whenever we get some sunshine to do a bit of garden clean up, trying to organize all my junk, making new recipes (which I keep forgetting to photograph so I can blog about it) and doing a bit of crafting and crocheting. I've been trying to read a book, too, but fall asleep after just two pages every night.....I'm really looking forward to spring! Can't wait to see what you are growing... xx Karen

Heather S said...

Doesn't sound like hibernation to me! Lots of lovely projects going at your place.