Thursday, August 13, 2015

Our New Water Feature

Williamsport, IN

No, not that! LOL! This one:

It took awhile, but Rick finally got it done. He just wasn't sure how he wanted to do the rocks. But I think he did a great job. We had to buy a new pump and filter so we could get the kind of flow and sound that we wanted. It is just like being in the woods along a creek. I love it!

There are several more places to put plants, but I will work on that in the spring. (I don't like moving perennials in the summer.) I am going to put more irises along the back, add a climbing rose on the back of the garage, and also window boxes. Check back next spring!

Our old cat Sam (short for Samantha - 17 years old) now has a favorite spot when she's outside. She lies here most of the day. She must like the heat of the rock.

We have been having really great weather here lately. Sunny, not too hot or humid. I've been getting more weeding done and the yard is looking pretty good. We could use a little rain, but considering California's situation, I'm not going to complain:)

Sweet fat cat Loyal.

I hope everyone  has a good weekend. We are going canoeing. Yeah!


Beatrice Euphemie said...

Your water feature is wonderful, Cindy! I just love the sound of moving water - so soothing. Your sweet little kitty has found the perfect spot to spend a summer day. I always love seeing photos of your beautiful gardens. A little piece of paradise. Have fun on your canoeing trip! xo Karen

Cathy, 1929 Charmer Cottage said...

Both waterfalls are great! I love having a pond with a waterfall. love listening to the fall its so relaxing and calming. Your cat looks so peaceful lying there! Have a great weekend yourself!

Lady Linda said...

Love your new waterfall. I can just hear it. Looks like your kitty is delighted with your new addition.
My favorite photo is the sunflower...great!

Helen Philipps said...

Ha ha you caught me there!! I do love your water feature, Cindy....and the pretty planting round it is gorgeous! I love your garden pictures....lots of lovely flowers and colour. Have a great weekend.
Helen xox

Heather S said...

Love the waterfall and that large flat rock that kitty loves is just perfect. Your garden is lovely, thanks for showing us around.