Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Let Me Present...Marquis Handyman Service

 After almost 30 years as a carpenter with Purdue University (with a short time as a special education teacher) my dear husband has retired. And he is doing something he has wanted to do for quite awhile - he has started a handyman business. He is so happy! And we are so happy for him.

Custom made cabinet for the kitchen.

He can do just about any kind of home repair; doors, drywall, flooring, window replacement, etc. And he can build almost anything out of wood! All I have to do is give him an idea (or picture) and he will build a piece of furniture or garden structure for me. He's pretty handy to have around:)
Check out his website: http://www.marquishandyman.com/ . As you can see, it's a work in progress. We will be adding some photos and text soon. So if you live in the Lafayette, Indiana area and need some home repairs, just give him a call!


vivian said...

Thatsawesome! And happy retirement to him! I hope his new endeaver goes well. Xoxo

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Congratulations on your new venture. If he was close to CA I would hire him in a New York minute.
Looks like he is quite happy holding one of the grands.

Nellie said...

Wow! How handy it would be to have him nearby! Hubby here is a bit of a handy man himself and is just finishing up the hardwood that he installed in the family room when he took up the carpet. It has been a process.:-) I send happy wishes to you in this new chapter in your lives. xo Nellie

Lady Linda said...

Oh congrats to your hubby for retiring and for starting his own business! There is such a need for his craft and I am sure he will do well. Sure wish you lived close to me.
Love your previous post too.

Helen Philipps said...

How lovely that your husband has retired and can follow his creative talents in an exciting new venture. Wishing you both happy times for this new chapter of your lives, Cindy.
Happy days!
Helen xox