Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June Gardens

June has got to be my most favorite month of the year. Our gardens are just bursting into bloom and every day there is something new to see. The pond has got new blooms and tadpoles growing tiny hind legs. Bluebirds are flying all over the yard, nesting in several places. Yesterday we watched an oriole gathering fibers for her nest from a hanging basket. And the new chicks have grown into beautiful birds loving all the weeds, scraps, and grubs we give them.

This is the third day of perfect sunny weather for us. Yesterday I was getting over a case of food poisoning and didn't get much done. Today I'm hoping to work in the veggie garden, tying up the tomatoes - they are growing like crazy - and doing some weeding (they are growing like crazy too!) I'll be sharing some pictures of that garden and some crafting pics soon.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I'm sorry you got so sick! That really is miserable. I hope you feel much better today and enjoy this beautiful weather! Hugs!

GardenOfDaisies said...

Your gardens are BEAUTIFUL!! Love the columbine and roses and peonies! I've never seen a double clematis like that pink one. Sorry to hear you were not well, and very glad that you are feeling better today.

Nellie said...

Absolutely lovely gardens!

I am puzzled as to why I don't receive regular notices about your posts. I am registered for that, but always have seemed to have problems in that area.:-( I notice I have missed many!

So sorry to hear about the food poisoning! I hope you are recovered quickly!

vivian said...

youre flowers are all so pretty! I wish I was a better gardener. It is just not my cup of tea I guess.. I so appreciate what others do in theres though!
have a great day only 2 days til the weekend!

Karen Frost said...

Your garden is very lovely! I love that deep red Clematis and your water lilies are so pretty! The rock garden is gorgeous. Well, everything is gorgeous! Glad you are feeling better. Hope your weekend is wonderful. xo

Solstitches said...

No wonder June is your favourite month of the year.
Your garden is a riot of the most gorgeous blooms.
Love the lily pond too.
Feel better soon!