Monday, February 4, 2013

Finally Feeling Better

Wow, it has taken me two weeks to get over this cold. It really knocked me down. But I had heard from several people that it would be like this. Thanks so much for all the well wishes. It made me feel that much better.  So, glad it's over and I can finish up some projects and get started on some new ones.

  One of the things I finished  last week was this pillow. I added lots of floss quilting and an embroidered flower.  I have one more pillow to make for the kitchen sofa. I'm thinking a simple nine patch for that one.

I also picked out the yarn colors for a new afgan. I love these little hexagons and they are so easy and fast to make up. Which is good because I will need a lot of them!

I started sewing them together over the weekend and I realized how many I would need to make a good sized blanket. Lots! So a trip to Joann's is in order. It will end up being very warm and heavy. But it will get used for sure, we like to keep our house temps pretty low.

I hope everyone is staying warm and cozy during this weird winter weather. But the groundhog said spring is just around the corner and I have faith in him:)


  1. What a lovely post Cindy.
    Your Dresden pillow is so pretty with the embroidery in the centre and the lovely hand quilting.
    Your crochet hexagons are gorgeous. What a beautiful blanket this is going to be.

  2. Your pillow is gorgeous! I have always loved this design and you are so talented at so many different things! I'm glad you are feeling better. It really takes a lot out of you. Take care of yourself, my friend!

  3. Oh Cindy! You are just the person I need to talk to! I have purchased yarn in almost these very colors to make a hexagon afghan for my daughter. I understand that I am to join the blocks as I go along, but I am not quite sure about the procedure. Do you put your hook into the back loop of the block and then YO to begin your DC in the block you are working on. I would be so very happy if you can clear this up for me.
    Also, I am so glad you are done with the cold! Mine took three weeks to clear. It didn't keep you from creating such a beautiful pillow. What a talented person you are! Inspiring always.

  4. Love that pretty pillow! So charming! I love the colors for the crochet. It will be so pretty when you finish!

  5. Your new pillow is really lovely! I love the colours and the way you have quilted it. So glad you are feeling better now.
    Helen x

  6. I love the look of your floss quilting. I have done a lot of hand quilting before, but only a few times with floss. I have not tried it with multiple colors either, so thank you for the inspiration. debbie

  7. hello
    your crochet afghan looks beautiful,love the colors.
    wonderful blog!!!
    wishing you a nice day,

  8. So glad you are feeling better! This year's flu has been very bad for so many. My husband just got over it - don't know why I didn't catch it, but I am not going to question it! Your pillow is beautiful and that blanket you are crocheting is gorgeous! Those soft and pretty. You are an inspiration to us all! xx

  9. Glad your feeling better. That is a nasty bug. Your work is so pretty and I love the colors in the afgan.

  10. Oh, what a warm and cozy post. I feel sympathize with you. I've been under the weather for 17 days. Today was the first day that I felt fairly normal. Oh, I have so much catching up to do!
    I'm glad you're feeling better, too.
    I hope you had a Happy Valentine's Day.
    Carolynn xoxo

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  12. Hi Cindy, today I would love to have your beautiful blanket wrapped around me it's so frigid! Sorry to read you were sick the cold & flu bug really likes to hang around!
    I thought I was following you and I can't find myself anywhere so I've signed back in. :)
    Stay warm my dear!
    Hugs Rosemary...xo

  13. Hey Cindy, I just wanted to stop by real quick to say hi and that I'm looking forward to getting to know you. I'm your partner for the Easter Swap! And now I need to take a bit of time to go look through your blog. Talk to you soon.

  14. PS- I love your Dresden plate pillow and the beautiful blue/green afghan! Glad you are feeling better.

  15. Oh my gosh, Cindy, over the past couple of days I have looked through your whole blog. Your gardens are gorgeous! Your grandson is darling! Your crocheted and embroidered projects, scrapbook pages and quilts are all A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. You are the kind of person I always WISHED I could be like.

  16. Your afghan is so lovely! I gave a try myself, but just couldn't figure out how to connect the blocks together. Yours lie beautifully flat. I can't wait to watch this afghan take shape. Have a lovely week. Elizabeth

  17. Just dropped by to say hello. Have a wonderful weekend!

  18. I keep checking for a new blog post.... did you have a relapse? are you ok? I hope so :-) After seeing your lovely crochet work, it inspired me to pull out some yarn as well. I've never made a granny square before, and I found a neat pattern with a flower in it--- I'd love to try the shape you've got-- that looks so cool :-)
    big hugs :-)

  19. Oh how I wish I could remember how to make these! I dont do well with reading crochet instructions...I need someone to show me....the way my grandma did years ago. I have forgotten many of the stitches and patterns:(. Yours is lovely.
    LiBBy BuTTons

  20. I love your pillow and crochet hexies. I am so happy to have just found your blog.

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