Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Pinterest Christmas

Uncle Eric and Tad

We had such a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. Time spent with family is my favorite. We missed having Justin and Lizzie here, but we will have them for Christmas. Can't wait! 

With Thanksgiving behind us, we are getting the house decorated and treats made for Christmas. Such a busy time! Why do I always wait for the last minute to start the gifts and decorations I've had in mind for months? Maybe I just need to be in the season to get motivated. Well, I'm motivated now and Pinterest is helping - probably too much! I'll never be able to make everything I've pinned. Not this Christmas, not ever:)

Here is one of the Santas that I pinned and got the pattern here. Isn't he cute? Very easy to make while watching TV.  I even have a die to cut out the tiny holly. I just need to add a ribbon or twine, and then hang on the tree, or add to a wrapped gift.

This is another project that I pinned awhile ago, but thought it might be too complicated for me. But I paid the $2.00 for the Ravelry pattern, looked it over and decided I could do it. And now, after making a zillion of them, I could do this square in my sleep!

So, has Pinterest been helpful for you this holiday season, or is it driving you crazy? (Spending too much time looking, or trying to make everything on it:) I'd love to hear your comments. Have a great and productive weekend. I have to work, dang it!


Anonymous said...

First picture is beautiful Cindy ~~ Tad's eyes are adorable.
I love your Santa, do you have an etsy? Just sayin.
Hugs Rosemary...xo

Karen said...

What a sweet family - love that ginger hair! Your crafts are adorable, isn't pinterest great? I am like you, waiting until the spirit of Christmas to get things done. I have stayed off pinterest so I don't feel guilty. But I might take a little peek...maybe today if I am brave. he he. xx

Solstitches said...

Your crochet squares are beautiful! They look just like snowflakes.
Santa is so cute too :)


Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

The crochet squares are so cute. If those were mine I'd string them up and use them as a garland.

I honestly haven't found too many crafty type things to do, but I have made quite a few recipes from there.

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

What a cute toddler and my goodness.......Uncle Eric has the most beautiful hair! Love the cute Santa and the crochet is beautiful! I have not gotten into pine interest as much. I guess I have too much on my plate already!

Cheryl said...

lol... I can so relate! That Santa you've pinned and made is exceptional! I too find myself scanning the bazillions of pins I have...... my hope is to do them all *wink* so I guess I have to get busy making some of them lol
big hugs,

Kathleen Grace said...

The santa ornament is adorable! I hadn't seen that one before. Are you making a Christmas afghan with the crochet squares? That would be so pretty!

GardenofDaisies said...

I have found so much inspiration on pinterest! I've only managed to make a few things, but they have been such fun projects. I love your little santa ornament. And the red and white crochet make such a stunning block.

vivian said...

Hi Cindy! show us your afghan when its finished! it looks like it will be perfectly christmasy! lol
I hope youre enjoying christmas preparations.. so much to do.. so little time!
have a great day

Creative Breathing said...

Good morning Cindy, Stopping by to see your Christmas preparations. Handsome family! Oh my gosh that afghan square is absolutely beautiful! It does look complicated! I'm like you, I will never be able to make all the wonderful things seen on the P, but boy I enjoy looking and wishing! Have a lovely up the Day weekend! Elizabeth