Thursday, April 12, 2012

Two Quilts, a Bag and Some Other Stuff

We had perfect spring weather today; sunny, warm and not windy. I spent a large part of the afternoon putting straw in the strawberry patch and cleaning out the greenhouse. We have several trays of perennials that are going to be flowering soon. But I can't plant them out yet, we keep having frosts and freezes.

A young woman from work raises show rabbits and offered us some manure for the gardens. Even though rabbit manure can be used "green" or fresh, because it doesn't burn the plants, this manure was nicely aged. When it dries out I'll mix it into the soil in these raised beds. Along with our compost, it will make nice rich soil for healthy veggie plants.

It was also a great day for photographing quilts outside. I finally got the binding on this one. And doesn't it look like stained glass from the back?

This one is ready to be quilted. I think I might scallop the outer border. I also have some extra "tulips" left over so I might make some matching pillows.

And lastly, I made this little purse from a pattern in the new BH&G All Small magazine. I changed it up by adding batting to make it sturdier, and doing some embroidery instead of buttons on the front.

I know I said lastly, but really, I have to add my latest favorite pics of Tad. He had fun rocking backwards on our little rocking chair.

Loyal says "hi" and "I'm going back to sleep now".


Kerin said...

It's cold here and snowing; no chance of planting anything.

Beautiful quilts. I love them.

Sweet little (but growing up quickly) Tad.
What a sweetie-pie!!

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

What a beautiful day, quilt and baby boy. Oh how I love his hair. Who has the red hair?

Cheryl said...

How envious I am of your land.... *sigh* lucky you!!! Your sewing is beautiful :-) your quilts on the line look like they should be greeting cards!

Your little Tad is delightful, he looks like he is having a ball :-)

Nellie said...

Your quilts are works of art, Cindy! How focused you must be!

Helen Philipps said...

I loved seeing your wonderful quilts, Cindy! The little bag is delightful, I do love the combination of embroidery and patchwork especially in small items like this. And how cute is little Tad!
Have a happy day!
Helen x

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

I love the scare crow! Rabbit manure is one of the best fertilizers for the garden . Such beautiful quilts and of course the cutest baby ever! Hi back to Loyal, get some good rest!