Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Spring Quilt

I started a new quilt this week to use as a bedspread for our bed. I love working with these colors. Very different from my usual.

Now that I look at it, I should have photographed it with  a vase of daffodils:)

 The pattern is from one of the older Thimbleberries books. I've made so many of her quilts, but I was saving this one for the right fabric combination. I've had that blue and yellow floral print for awhile and now I'm happy to use it.

As I said in my last post, I can't believe how fast the spring flowers are blooming, then dying back. I think we are about a month ahead of usual. The redbuds are open and the crabapples are almost there too. It's like viewing spring in fast forward!

For some reason these pink cupped daffs haven't bloomed for a few years. It's good to see them again.
Our beloved grape bubble gum tree (aka: sand cherry.)


  1. I just found your lovely blog at Helen Phillips! Your photos and projects are wonderful! Deb.

  2. Your quilt squares look lovely. Cannot wait to see the progress:)

  3. What lovely colors you've chosen for your quilt :-)I look forward to seeing it finished... do you do your own quilting?

  4. I LOVE the quilt! Also, the pink daffodils! That's something I must add to our garden for the next blooming season.

  5. I love the colors for your new quilt Cindy it will look amazing on your bed I look forward to seeing it! Your daffodils are so pretty too. Mine aren't opened yet and our weather took a nasty turn once again.
    Have a great week,
    Hugs Rosemary...xox

  6. Your new quilt is looking very spring like and pretty. I loved that last photo of the tree in blossom against the house...just gorgeous!
    Helen x

  7. A beautiful spring quilt, and I love it with your spring vase.

    Fleur xx

  8. What a beautiful quilt you have started! Thanks for stopping by today. Take care

  9. Cindy..
    that is going to be one gorgeous quilt! You are talented lady.
    You guys are getting a lot more Spring right now than we are.
    Hopefully the weather will warm soon.

    Just wanted to invite you to read and follow me at my new blog (the old one's still private; for the family).
    Just click on my name next to this comment, and it should take you to my new blog.
    Looking forward to your vist..

    Hugs... Kerin
    always fixin' never sittin' blogspot

  10. Those pink cupped daffodils are lovely! I don't have any like that! Must put them on my list for next year!

    That's going to be a lovely quilt. Perfect colors for spring and summer!

  11. Such pretty color combination! I have always loved Thimbleberries patterns. Love the flowers and that tree!