Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fall Quilts

I finally finished up this fall leaf quilt that I started before my surgeries. I loved using the felt with the cottons, and adding embroidery.

I never wash my fabrics before sewing the quilt. I use a thin batting, and wash it after the hand quilting is done. I like the old fashioned texture that it gives.

I made this quilt a few years ago and use it on the dining table. It's from a Thinbleberries book, I think.

 See that spider? My fun loving husband tried to scare me with it this morning. He didn't succeed, well, almost!

We are going to have a sunny, 60ish day and I have some bulbs to plant. We'll see how I do with a trowel. Anyone planting bulbs? I'd love to hear what kind. I've got some of those gigantic alliums, some snowdrops, and blue scilla. 

 Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Love your quilt and I love ANYTHING from Thimbleberries:) Enjoy your planting! Blessings~~Shine

  2. Beautiful quilt!
    You have quite a talent.

    We are not planting bulbs this year.
    We didn't get the chance to get all of the garden beds in yet.
    Next year... we'll plant double :)

  3. Cindy, I love to visit here! You have always made the most beautiful things to share. Your ripple afghan is a must make project for me now and has inspired a Christmas craft with it's wonderful colors. Hope you don't mind I have shared it on my blog, I get very excited when inspired!!!! Elizabeth
    PS Your tags are so wonderfully intricate. I am amazed at all the details. What fun everyone will have examining up close all the details. Thank you so very much for tagging along!

  4. Your fall quilts are so pretty! You are so blessed with such talent! Someday I hope to learn to quilt! LOVE your kitty! xo

  5. Gorgeous quilts.
    Happy bulb planting!

  6. Love the color of the quilt! So charming! I love Thimbleberries books and patterns! I used to plant bulbs when I lived in town, but not have tried them out here...........I certainly have enough room for some. I love daffodils and iris's. Good luck on yours! blessings, Kathleen

  7. Oh I am in love with these and the wonderful warm colors.

  8. Your quilts are fantastic! I never thought of not washing the fabric before making a quilt--- your totally right about that texture--- which I LOVE! Great idea!!!